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Lemi 3

från Lemi
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A versatile, reliable and easy to use electric bed, the Lemi 3 comes equipped with a pedal controlled actuator for electrical height adjustment.

The tilt (trendelenburg), as well as the movement of the leg-rest ad headrest, can all be adjusted manually, while the backrest can also be reclined by means of a gas spring, thereby allowing the operator to safely and easily adjust the position, even with the customer lying down.

Ideal for:
Face and body treatments, hair removal, pressure therapy, esthetic manicures and pedicures, face check-ups, make-up application, tattooing, anti-aging treatments, facial cleansing treatments, scrubs and face masks, eye contour treatments, lip contour treatments and treatments with beauty equipment.

Product description

Available colors
The casing is available in white, grey and black. The upholstery is available numerous colors from following collections: Tundra, Stamskin and Skai Nature Base E-Bamboo.

- Big and small headrests.
- Bed sponge cover.
- Soft and anatomic mattress.
- Curved armrests.
- Flat armrests.
- Footrest.
- Roll holder.
- Manicure bowls.
- Heating mattress.

- 62 cm wide.
- Height range 62 - 92 cm.
- Length 190 cm.

- Structure: 10 years
- Controls: 2 years
- Padding: 5 years
- Heating: 1 year.

Packaging details
- 170 x 74 x 86 h cm.
- Volume: 1,08 m3.2
- Gross weight: 87 kg.
- Net weight: 71 kg.