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Living Earth Crafts Nuage w/ Flat Top

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The groundbreaking Nuage line features LEC’s proprietary Electra-Glide lift actuators, the quietest, smoothest, all-electric lifting actuators in the market today.

An amazing Softstart/Softstop feature gives a subtle, almost imperceptible, elevator type feel as the table gently whisks clients up and down.

This table has been designed from the ground up for ultra-reliability and minimal maintenance requirements in the most intensive spa environments.

Shown with Cuvee Cabinetry and with standard Natural Maple finish.

Product description

Key Features:
- Synchronized Electra-Glide Lift Actuators.
- Strata 10 cm Memory Foam Cushioning System.
- Naturasoft Upholstery in 16 color options.
- Cross braced steel frame.
- PowerPort power management system.
- Salon Style Neck Roll.

Optional Features:
- Cabinetry: Traditional, Cuvee or Contemporary.
- Custom Wood Stains & Vinyls.
- Ultraleather Promessa upholstery.
- Caress or Flex-Rest Face Cradles.
- Armrest Shelf.
- SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy.
- International Voltages.
- FSC Certified Maple.

- Width Options 76 cm, 81 cm.
- Length 185 cm.
- Height Range 64 - 94 cm.
- Recommended Lift Capacity: 280 kg.
- Lifetime Limited Warranty.
- CE Mark.
- UL Listed.